Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

- John 14:6

Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care embraces all aspects of parish life and responds to the many needs of the 
parishioners. We all care about each other and demonstrate this in various ways. 

Pastoral Care at St Declan's aims to provide spiritual nourishment, social interaction and
support to parishioners who are bereaved, aged, infirmed, sick, disabled and are unable
to take part in parish Eucharistic celebrations by:
    • involving parishioners to minister to others and share their faith;
    • creating a community of care;
    • developing a strong parish network.
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Coordinator of Ministries to the Sick and Elderly

Nellie Doueihi 


Invitations from Nellie...

Are you being called to serve? 

Come and be part of our parish community as a Visitation Minister; learn a little more about how we can minister to those who are unable to be part of our Sacramental celebrations. 

Do you know someone who needs Communion?

If you, or someone in your family is unable to attend Mass, whether temporarily or permanently, due to sickness or advanced age, please contact Nellie.
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Pastoral Ministry Support - Tips, Reminders, Support & Information

2 September 2017 - Taking Communion from the Mass

13 September 2017 - Dementia Awareness & Support
Help-sheet  Help-sheet  Help-sheet  Help-sheet
Help-sheet  Help-sheet  Help-sheet  Help-sheet
For further help sheets please go to: Alzheimer's Australia 

13 October 2017 - Stress   
Stress: Symptoms, Signs & Causes For further information go to:

13 November 2017 - Prayer   
Spirituality, Prayer, Healing     What is Prayer     Books & Resources

13 December 2017 - Grief 
When holidays hurt     Books & Resources

13 February 2018 - Forms of Prayer
Lectio Divina   
The Ignatian Exam     The Examen Prayer - The light is on for you     Ecological Examen   
Weekly Prayers for the Journey

13 March 2018 - Planning Ahead 
Information     Enduring Guardian Form     Guide for Powers of Attorney   
Advanced Care Directive Information Guide



Annual Remembrance Mass

Held on Friday, 1 November at 7pm 
A beautiful celebration of life, healing and relationship!


Anointing Mass 

Held on Saturday, 2 March at 10.30am and Saturday, 28 September at 10.30am
A beautiful celebration of the sacraments and of faith, prayer and community!




Coordinated by/contact person: Paulineke Nolan

Something social for those in their 40s and up...  

For photos go to Photo Gallery page

2019 Declancraft


Please book upon advertising for each activity when listed below or 
advertised in the bulletin...
Stay tuned for further information and activities...

Christmas Craft Workshop with Paulineke
A fun and creative workshop; great ideas for making simple Christmas decorations and gifts.

Colouring-in and Doodling with Ingrid
Enjoy some creative and reflective time. Re-energise your brain. 
Colouring-in is not just for kids! Doodling is not just for when you are on the phone!

OCTOBER - Handmade Cards with Kim Corallo
Create cards that will become keepsakes for someone special & for all occasions.

SEPTEMBER - Games Morning
Bring a friend or make new friends; join in some old favourites and learn some new games. 
An opportunity for a bit of fun and a few laughs. Includes morning tea. Bookings are essential! 

AUGUST - Jewellery Making with Paulineke Nolan

JUNE - Introduction to Macrame with Paulineke Nolan and Ingrid Micallef
Create a work of art...learn some simple techniques

MAY - Acrylic Painting with Ingrid Micallef  FULL - NO MORE BOOKINGS
"Daisies" Decorate something special for the home or as a gift

MARCH - Games Morning - CANCELLED
Come along for games, giggles and bubbles... with a St Patrick's Day green theme!
Learn some popular card games. Teach other your favourite game. 
Games will include: Gin Rummy, Mahjong, Dominoes, Scrabble... 

FEBRUARY - Laughter Yoga with Cesar Melendez
Cesar  is a fully trained ‘laughter yoga’ instructor.
Cesar introduced us to and guided us through the techniques of laughter yoga with warm up,
breathing, games and exercises, it included grounding and relaxation. It was a healing way to start the year!

"26 people registered for laughter yoga and the response from the participants was very positive.
Some of the techniques shown and experienced will become part of our everyday routine.
Thank you, Cesar, for your generosity of time, your gentle nature and your fun and energising presentation."


2018 Declancraft offered...

NOVEMBER - Handmade Cards with Kim Corallo
Create cards that will become keepsakes for someone special for Christmas & other occasions.

OCTOBER - Colouring-in and Doodling
Enjoy some creative and reflective time. Re-energise your brain.
Colouring-in is not just for kids! Doodling is not just for when you are on the phone!

SEPTEMBER - Games Morning
Bring a friend or make new friends; join in some old favourites and learn some new games.
An opportunity for a bit of fun and a few laughs. Includes morning tea. Bookings are essential! 

JULY-AUGUST - Macrame with Ingrid Micallef & Paulineke Nolan
Create a work of art! Learn some simple techniques.

JUNE - Crochet with Paulineke Nolan
Come & learn various crochet stitches, how to read a pattern and how to love all things crochet! 

MAY - Acrylic Painting on Canvas with Ingrid Micallef
Ingrid's back and with a new themed painting - Landscape - and its a beauty!

MARCH - Games Morning
Join in some old favourites and learn some new games or teach one of your own.


JANUARY - Laughter Yoga - "Laugh with Me" with Cesar Melendez
Cesar is a fully trained ‘laughter yoga’ instructor. He introduced, explained and guided us through warm up, breathing, games and exercises for laughter yoga.
Session included grounding and relaxation. A healing way to start the year!

laughter yoga2





'Moments' by Paulineke Nolan

A mother's poem
A child's poem


Days for Girls

"Days for Girls" (DfG) is an excellent service project for anyone wanting to help improve the lives of 
girls and women with their personal hygiene, health and education in developing and third world 
countries. How can you be part of this amazing initiative? Read on...

Information of what DfG is?        

In November 2013 St Declan's Parish Pastoral Care took on this community project and from 
January 2014 we had an amazing and encouraging response. Over 74 parishioners came forward 
and were involved!
St Declan's Parish exceeded their goal of 50 kits to 68 kits in 2014 - what a mammoth effort!!! 

Our 2014 DfG Kits made it to Timor!
Read on...

On 14th March 2015 we packed another 61 kits for Libby to take with her to Timor this year! 
Now that's great news!


Days for Girls Project – final update
Congratulations and thank you to all parishioners who have been involved with DfG over the last two 
On Saturday 3 October 2015 we packed our final 50 kits for Libby Bleakley to take to Timor-Leste.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 we’ve made a total of 179 kits; 167 of these were given to Libby 
for Timor. 
We’ve sewn over 1,410 sanitary items; over 1,430 items were donated or purchased from donations; 
we’ve received $1,455.00 from parishioners. All money was used to purchase material and kits items. 
A truly fantastic effort by all those involved in the various aspects of this project. 
Once again, thank you for your overwhelming generosity and support. 

If you would like to continue with, or get involved in, DfG project, 
please contact Beverley De Meur on 9594 4898. 


Weekly Prayers

Prayer for Carers

My Purpose Prayer


One Body in Christ

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life,
initiated “One Body in Christ: Welcoming people with disability”. Read more...


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