Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

- John 14:6

St Declan's Parish Mission Statement


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92 Penshurst Street, Penshurst NSW 2222

Ph: (02) 9580 1310; Fax: (02) 9580 7170

Parish Priest:         Fr Chris Ryan MGL
Assistant Priests:  Fr Adam Crouch MGL
                              Fr Tony Alex MGL

Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday; 9am to 3pm. Please note that the office will be closed on Thursdays 

Secretary: Frances Watton
Operations & Accounts Manager: Steve Thomas 
Evangelisation Coordinator: Cathy Kennedy 
Coordinator of Ministries to the Sick & Elderly: Nellie Doueihi
Sacramental Coordinator: Lynne Taylor 
Youth Minister: Douglas Macdonald 
Music Coordinator: Clare Brotherton
Safeguarding Support Officer: Adrienne Teychenné 
Work Health & Safety: Melissa Kumar and Peter Lino 


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Welcome to Declan’s Well

St Declan’s Parish e-magazine is HERE!

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Here we will highlight the great stories of faith and action taking place in our parish community. In its pages we celebrate the ways in which God is at work in our community, and share the many and varied contributions that people in our parish are making to our community and beyond.

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Issue 2 - September 2019

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Past issues: 

Issue 1 - June 2019


Invitations from Nellie...

Are you being called to serve?
Come and be part of our parish community as a Visitation Minister; learn a little more about how we can minister to those who are unable to be part of our Sacramental celebrations. 

Do you know someone who needs Communion?
If you, or someone in your family is unable to attend Mass, whether temporarily or permanently, due to sickness or advanced age, please contact Nellie.
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Confirmation 2019 

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Plenary Council News

What are we, the parishioners of St Declan's Parish, doing to have a say and have input in the Plenary process...
Beryl, our Ambassador for the Plenary Council has facilitated groups and initiated many parishioners to provide feedback, input, ideas to the Council. For any further information contact Beryl via the Parish Office. 







 Fr Isuru Weliwatte MGL
Fr Steve Fletcher MGL
Hospital Visiting Group
Fr Antony Santhiyagu MGL
Fr John Crothers
Sisters of St Joseph




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92 Penshurst St PENSHURST NSW 2222 | Phone: 9580 1310 | Fax: 9580 7170 |